BU 2/3

The Govt Statutory biodiversity prices are subdivided within broad habitat types, also being scaled by distinctiveness. They are priced so as not to compete with the private market, but should the private sector pricing reflect this scale?

BU 1/3

Concerning the value of a Biodiversity Unit. Should the value be a constant, with the number of units ascertained by the Metric (according to category, condition and situation) in effect varying the concentration of value.

Grid Ref

Following discussions with local authorities, I shall be re-referencing the BNG locations using ODGB36 Grid References rather than National Grid Field Numbers - which are essentially the same numbers, but in a different order. Actually makes sense, because it’s the centre of the site whereas the field numbers include areas not enhanced.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all ❄️ Yes, we're hoping for a colder, drier spell, but at least #BNG sales have begun (and there is a bit of marketing hype about), but we are just in the business of offering a fair deal for clients and customers alike πŸ‘οΈ


We now have a template for the Habitat Management and Monitoring Plan. Which is a help. I think.